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'Hungry Hawk Breaks Into Chickens' Home And Spawns A Riot '

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'If there was ever a perfect time for a brood of chickens to band together, it was definitely when this footage was taken. Shared by Debbie Griffis, this video shows a hawk launching attack in an area filled with chickens. Without any hesitation, the bird of prey enters the coop, resulting in total chaos. "Muddy Paws Farm Rescue is on just under 12 acres of land bordered by the south branch of the Rancocas Creek," Debbie said. "The chicken area is under a canopy of trees and the hawks don't have an easy path to attack, so they usually leave the chickens alone. Apparently, this one didn't get that memo." The filmer added that none of the birds were harmed during the craziness on display. Name: Debbie Griffis Location: Southampton Township, New Jersey '

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