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'If 'watch Your Step' Was A Video *Embarrassing Dance Fail* (8.5M+ Views)'

Fails Funny

'Not everything goes according to plan and that's what makes life unpredictable, as well as funny, at times. A classic proof of the same is highlighted in this comical clip. Emanating from The Philippines, this video shows a girl named Alexia Sambrano almost falling into a river while filming content for TikTok. "We were in the middle of shooting a possibly good dance video of a song when I accidentally stepped into the space between two bamboo poles," Alexia explained. "My legs got stuck in between those poles. Long story short, it was a fail that I will be remembering for a long time." This footage was filmed on December 26, 2021. Name: Alexia Sambrano Location: Philippines Little Elf by Frank Schröter Link: License:'

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