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'Kenya: Young Lion Interrupts A Safari To Feast On Spare Tire *SURREAL MOMENT*'


'Marius Coetzee's slightly creepy yet immensely captivating encounter with a lion was caught on camera on October 29, 2021. Footage taken in Masai Mara (Kenya) shows a hungry (and curious) lion gnawing at a tire attached to the filmer's ride. While filming this unusual scene, Marius kept advising others in the car to stay still in order to avoid catching the big cat's attention. "We were on a safari and following a pride of lions when a young male lion took a fancy to our safari vehicle," Marius revealed. "He inspected the vehicle before starting to chew on the spare tire. After a few seconds, he lost interest, or rather the lack of flavor of the tire wasn’t to his liking, and he moved forward." Name: Marius Coetzee Location: Masai Mara Reserve, Kenya'

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