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'LARGER-THAN-LIFE Syrian Puppet Enjoys Her Birthday Party In Trafalgar Square'


'In a clip that is bound to make you smile from ear to ear, the viral migrant puppet, 'Little Amal' can be seen celebrating her 10th birthday in Trafalgar Square. The 11-feet tall puppet that has taken the form of a 9 y/o Syrian refugee girl has been traveling across Europe since July 2021 in an attempt to convince Europeans to be more considerate about the problems faced by refugees. "Some people will never lose hope," the filmer, Attila Kulcsar stated. "I work in a refugee charity and I got to witness Little Amal celebrating her birthday with a large crowd filled with her supporters - young and old." This footage was shot on October 24, 2021. Name: Attila Kulcsar Location: London, UK'

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