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Dog Has ADORABLE Reaction To Meeting Her Family After A WHOLE YEAR!

Pets are Awesome

Once a dog gets attached to you, it will remain loyal for the rest of its life... and the proof of the same is in this heartwarming video. Surfacing from State College, PA, this feel-good footage shows Kathy Wright and her family reuniting with their pup after being away from her for a full year! "Our family of five (husband, wife, 3 boys aged 15, 12, 10) went abroad to live in Spain for a year and left our dog, Lola Wrigley, with family in State College," Kathy said. "This video is from the morning we arrived. It’s safe to say she missed us as much as we missed her." The endearing pup can be seen getting her year's worth of hugs, cuddles, and belly rubs.

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