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'Duo Attempts The Famous 'Dirty Dancing' Lift *It BACKFIRED TERRIBLY*'

Fails Funny

'This was the exact moment Skye Lindsay learned that dancing isn't a walk in the park. This comical footage, surfacing from the United Kingdom, shows Skye running to her dance partner, hoping that he would hoist her over his head. However, what ends up happening is something totally different. The guy fails to properly catch the girl and ends up dropping her on the floor back-first. "They were attempting the 'Dirty Dancing' lift, which backfired," the filmer, Chloe Boakes said. The gnarly fail leaves Skye totally stunned and speechless. "Hahaha, I cracked a rib," she said when someone brought up how painful the fall looked. This clip was recorded on April 29, 2022. Name: Chloe Boakes Location: United Kingdom'

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