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'Emotions Run High As US Marine Surprises Mom After Being Away For 14 Long Months'


'Tear-jerking footage of a US Marine reuniting with her mom after more than a year. "Because of the Coronavirus and my rigorous work schedule, I hadn't been able to travel home to see my family for over 14 months," the subject, Miranda Ryle said. "I’ve been in the United States Marine Corps for 5 years. Being away from home is one of the many struggles of being in the military." Miranda can't help but burst into tears upon seeing her mom in person after such a long time. The two share a warm hug as their emotions get the better of them. This heart-touching video was shot by Whitney Winters (Miranda's brother's fiance) in Hebron, Kentucky on January 26, 2021. Name: Miranda Ryle Location: Hebron, Kentucky'

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