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'Turkey Wildfires: Marmaris Engulfed In Darkness As Smoke Clouds Block The Sun'


'July 29, 2021, was definitely a dark day for tourists and locals in Marmaris, Turkey. Filmed by Milenaa M, this scary footage shows dark, smoke clouds blocking the sun and taking over the skies of Marmaris. The filmer commented: "We were by the pool and noticed that the sun had disappeared. We thought it wasn't a big deal and assumed it would start raining but boy, we couldn't have been any more wrong." She added: "It wasn't a sign of rain. The dark clouds that blocked the sun were spawned by the wildfires that have been raging across southern Turkey. Suddenly, there were flames, screams, and whatnot! A terrifying sight to say the least." Name: Milenaa Location: Marmaris, Turkey'

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