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'Innocent Toddler Gets Scared By The Candle On His Birthday Cake '

Cute Funny

'Imagine telling someone that you're afraid of cakes. Well, in that case, the kid in this video wouldn't judge you. Surfacing from Davao City, Philippines, this amusing clip kicks off with a toddler blowing matchsticks, preventing the candle on his birthday cake from getting lit. But the moment the sparkling candle catches fire, the youngling freaks out and tries to get as far away from the cake as possible, making for a hilarious scene. "This video was taken while celebrating the 2nd birthday of Matt Dominic," the filmer, Michael Roasol said. "We opted to film him blowing the candle, but what we ended up getting on camera was way more humorous." Name: Michael Roasol Location: Davao City, Philippines '

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