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'9 Y/o Aspiring Scooter Rider STACKS IT On His Ride While Attempting A Risky Trick '

Fails Funny

'Achy footage of a nine-year-old scooter rider suffering a gnarly setback while riding at an indoor skate park. The boy, named Mitchell, flawlessly hits the ramp and whips the handlebars around mid-air before botching the landing. "Mitchell has been practicing new tricks during his school holidays, and this particular trick he attempted was called a bar twist," the filmer, Stacey E. said. "However, he ended up stacking it when his arm twisted and his head hit the ground. "Despite the fall, he got straight back up and kept scooting. He was completely fine, thanks to his protective headgear and knee pads." This clip was shot on January 5, 2022. Name: Stacey E. Location: Melbourne, Australia '

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