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'Silly Infant Makes Stool Fall On Himself After Mom Gets Her Eyes Off Of Him For A Second '

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Well, it turns out that having a stool around an infant isn't a good idea. Shared by Camilla Therese Balle, this video features her baby boy flipping over a stool on himself and then crying as if it wasn't his doing in the first place! "I was just trying to film him for a few seconds to send to his grandmother," Camilla said. "It was a major mom-fail on my part because I did not see what was going to happen when he climbed the stool. It fell on top of him and gave him his first little bruise." To end things on a happier note, the filmer slid in a second clip that features her son goofing around behind a glass door. Guess it's safe to say that Camilla has got a tiny entertainer with her, one who doesn't let a dull moment enter the house. Name: Camilla Therese Balle Location: Haugesund, Norway

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