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'Mom Gets Pranked And Receives Wholesome Gift At The Same Time *Mother's Day Surprise!*'


'After pondering over whether he should prank his mom or gift her a wholesome present on Mother's Day, Trey Sanders opted for the smart choice and did both! This amusing footage shows Trey's mom, Norma Santos opening her son's special present for her. She comes across cute, tiny messages as she opens the present, only for it to turn out to be an exploding cubes card, resulting in a chucklesome confetti bath. The wholesome part of this clip is the cubes having Norma's family pictures on them. "My son sent this present and he wanted to make sure I recorded myself while opening it," the filmer said. This was filmed on May 8, 2022. Name: Norma Santos Location: Crystal River, DL, USA'

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