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'Mom LOSES Her MIND On Seeing Her Youngest Son Proposing To His Girlfriend '


'This heartsome footage features an ecstatic mom reacting to her baby boy finally proposing to the love of his life. "This happened during my fiancé's brother's wedding," the girl being proposed to in the clip, Taylor Bridges said. "This surprise proposal was actually orchestrated by the bride at the wedding and my fiancé." Taylor further revealed that she and her partner had been together for four years prior to their engagement and have a two-year-old son together. As for the proposal, it saw Taylor catching a bouquet (part of the plan) and then turning around to find her partner on his knee. "It was a surprise for my future mother-in-law and myself," the filmer added. "It made for a fantastic authentic moment that showcased a mother's excitement for her son." Name: Taylor Bridges Location: Los Olivos '

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