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'French Woman Pretends To Cry In Front Of Pet Cat To See Its Reaction'

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'This was the enchanting moment a lady found out that her pet would stay by her side through thick and thin. Wholesome footage surfacing from Île-de-France, France shows Morgane Gaspar as she prepares to find out how her pet cat would react if it finds its owner crying. The subject lies down on her bed and pretends to weep, which immediately attracts the attention of the kitty. The feline rushes to console Morgane and starts rubbing its head against the filmer's. "I was pretending to cry to find out what my cat's reaction would be," Morgane said. "I found it (the reaction) really cute." This amusing clip was recorded on December 6, 2020. Name: Morgane Gaspar Location: Île-de-France, France'

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