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Guy Proposes To Girlfriend In Front Of Waterfall On Her Favorite Trail


A viral Instagram video shows a woman getting proposed to by her partner during a hiking adventure. The woman, named Zoe Silva, couldn't believe it when her boyfriend got down on one knee to pop the question. After a moment of confusion about what had just happened, she said yes and that is how the lovebirds kicked off a new chapter in their life. "My fiancé and two of our friends said that we were going to go on this hike that we had been talking about going to for a while called Salmon Creek Trail," Zoe said. "We enjoyed the scenery while making our way to the waterfall. We all decided to take photos in front of the waterfall. When it was our turn, we took a few photos before he turned to me, kissed me, and said he had a question to ask me." This lovely moment was recorded back in December 2021.

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