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'Woman Shares Footage Of Her Beautiful Pet Stick Insect Moving Around In Its Container '

Animals and Pets

'No, this isn't a scene from a Pixar movie. It's actual footage of a creepy-but-captivating stick insect. The video, filmed by Veronica Salmon, shows said insect casually roaming in its glass container. "This is a rare in-captivity phasmid (stick insect) called Periphetes graniferum," Veronica shared. "They are challenging to clean out, lol, but they are my favorites!" The insect's beautiful color, combined with its unconventional appearance, makes it very hard to look away from the screen. This engaging clip was recorded in Leighton Buzzard, England on March 28, 2022. Name: Veronica Salmon Location: Leighton Buzzard, England'

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