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'Man Proposes To Fiancée, A Blood Cancer Patient, During Her Surprise Birthday Party'


A lover who stands by you in the face of adversity will be yours for life. In this touching video, a man proposes to his fiancée, who was diagnosed with blood cancer in June 2020. The magical moment occurs during the courageous woman's surprise belated birthday party, which was also thrown by her partner. "My fiancé Zac proposed to me in front of close friends and family on May 2nd, 2022," said Sophie Lambert. “It started as a surprise birthday party for my 25th birthday, which was 3 days before. “Little did I know that this was the day he was finally going to propose. After getting diagnosed with blood cancer in June 2020, this was finally something good and exciting we deserved and wanted after an awful 2 years of uncertainty.” Name: Sophie Lambert Location: Wickford, England

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