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'Loving Guy Surprises His Partner With A Sweet 'Pup-osal' On Her Birthday '


'Birthdays will come and go but Francesca Monterosso's 2020 birthday will always hold a special place in her heart. In this wholesome video, Francesca can be seen receiving one priceless surprise after another on her special day. "My boyfriend had invited his and my family over to our house for dinner on my birthday," the lucky lady in the clip said. "He told me to close my eyes while he got my gift (I thought I was getting a bike). After he handed me the puppy, he told me to look at what he named him, the name tag said, 'will you marry us?'" Francesca didn't have to think twice before saying yes to the proposal from the love of her life. For her, this moment was "a long time coming." The lovebirds have been together since 2010. Name: Francesca Monterosso Location: Glenside, United States'

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