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'Puppy With Neurological Condition Saved From Euthanasia *The Power Of Second Chances*'


'This heartwarming montage highlights the power of second chances in life. This video follows Diane Friederichs as she cares for Churro, a pup with a neurological condition that she saved from euthanasia. "Churro was scheduled for euthanasia by the end of the day on April 22, 2022," Diane said. "Before it was too late, our team, consisting of myself and SNARL (Special Needs Animal Rescue League) Rescue, sprung into action. "Sweet Churro will be traveling to Denver, Colorado, where he will be fostered by a core member of the SNARL rescue team. It is our mission to give these pups a voice to be heard and a platform to be seen!" Name: Diane Friederichs Location: United States '

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