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''Heroic' Bus Driver Effectively Cruises Down Severely Flooded Street In Queens'

Natural Disasters

'Intense footage of a "heroic" bus driver cruising through the flooded streets of Queens, NY, as the passengers kept cheering her on while standing on their seats owing to the floodwaters accumulating inside the vehicle. This video was taken by Joseph English, who was returning home from the US Open tennis tournament, along with his girlfriend. After getting drenched with water on their way to the bus stop, the two believed that boarding the ride would get them away from the storm. However, they couldn't have been more wrong. The filmer wrote: "Upon reaching Queens Boulevard in Elmhurst, we saw the storm drains overflowing, giving the Boulevard itself an appearance of a fast-flowing river. People were abandoning their cars and trash cans and other waste materials were flowing down the 'river.'" Joseph then discussed the brave bus driver, Rosa Amonte, who managed to carefully drive through the deepest part of the "river" as water started entering the bus and creeping up on the passengers' ankles. "We stood on seats to avoid the water as Rosa managed to get us to higher ground where we alighted to wait for our next bus. We eventually made it home safely." These gripping clips were recorded on September 1, 2021. Name: Joseph English Location: Queens, New York'

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