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''Quint Footjam Tailwhip' Gifted German BMXer Does An Insane Bike Trick 5X In One Go '


'Epicness has a new name and it's Dean Florian, an incredibly skilled BMX park rider. This footage shows Dean outdoing himself yet again, this time with an insane bike trick that is bound to leave the viewers awestruck. "The original trick is called the 'Footjam Tailwhip,' but since I did it five times in one go, it's called a 'Quintuple Footjam Tailwhip,'" the subject explained to us. "I'm the first German BMXer to land this trick on a small quarterpipe." Dean went on to write online that he had been trying to "get this one (right) for ages!" This clip was recorded on March 1, 2022. Name: Dean Florian Location: Leipzig, Germany '

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