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'Guy Proposes To His High-school Girlfriend At A Serene Spot *Start Of A New Chapter*'


'Excitement, emotions, and other pleasant vibes were in the air when Rachit Jawa finally popped the question to his high-school girlfriend... and that too in an unforgettable manner. The footage kicks off with Rachit taking his blindfolded partner, Rubaina, to the proposal spot. After making her stand in a pretty floral circle, the subject reveals his surprise to the love of his life. "Rubaina was so excited to find out what was happening," the filmer said. "We started dating when we were in the 9th grade in school and have navigated the ups and downs of life ever since to stay together all these years." Rachit added that the day of their engagement kicked off a new chapter of their lives. Name: Rachit Jawa Location: Portland, Oregon, USA '

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