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'Milwaukee, WI: CCTV Footage Shows Two Intense Roundabout Car Crashes Within 5 Minutes Of Each Other '


'This video, filmed on one of Robert Koch's security cameras, features two intense roundabout car accidents in a span of five minutes. "I have a CCTV camera aimed at a roundabout in Milwaukee, WI due to the frequent car crashes there," Robert explained. "This video shows the first car crashing and knocking down a light pole. Milwaukee Police were in the area and responded within 30 seconds." "About two minutes later, another person comes in driving way too fast and hits the police car as well as the first car that crashed." According to the filmer, a medical response wasn't needed and everyone involved in the fiasco escaped without incurring any major injuries. These chaotic scenes occurred on August 28, 2021, between 2:39 & 2:43 AM. Name: Robert Koch Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States'

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