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'Indian Girl Welcomes Halloween Month By Transforming Into The Scary Doll From Squid Game'


''Thanks to Netflix's popular thriller series, Squid Game, beauty content creators from all across the world have been setting social media on fire with their stellar Squid Game looks and artworks. In this video, Aayushi Choksi shows off her incredible, step-by-step transformation into the scary animatronic doll from the show. While there's no doubt Aayushi's makeup game is top-notch, props should also be given to her editing skills that helped add a lot to the whole package. "I shot this video on October 1, 2021, in order to welcome Halloween month," the artist commented. Name: Aayushi Choksi Location: Ahmedabad, India' It's Funky Time by Claus Appel Link: License:'

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