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'Man SHOCKED After Resistance Bands Snap And Hit Him In The Neck'

Fails Funny

''An ouch! moment was caught on camera when Adam Pfau's resistance band workout didn't go according to the plan. This video was recorded on March 14, 2020, in NYC. During the time, several states across the US went into lockdown in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. New York happened to be one of these states. However, a lockdown wasn't enough to stop Adam from working out. After the closure of the gyms, Adam ordered resistance bands to workout at home. However, something funny yet painful happened when he decided to record his exercise session one day. A minor mistake caused the resistance bands to snap and hit Adam like an uppercut. Adam told WooGlobe: "I was attempting to do split squats with the resistance bands when my foot slipped off the band and it smacked me in the neck." "OH MY GOD!", Adam exclaimed in shock after he found out what happens when a resistance band workout goes wrong. Adam posted this video on TikTok and to say that it went viral would be an understatement. The funny clip in question currently boasts over 27K likes and more than 1K shares. Perhaps, people are using this video as a warning to be more careful with such workouts. Name: Adam Pfau Location: New York City, USA''

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