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'Adorable Puppy's Excitement Knows No Bounds As She Reunites With Her Favorite Hooman After 3 Months'


'A lovable puppy couldn't hide her happiness on finally reuniting with a woman she grew up around. Filmed by Rae Parker, this gladdening video shows Monroe, a one-and-a-half-year-old puppy, running in excitement around one of her favorite hoomans after seeing her for the first time in over 3 months. "My aunt has known Monroe since she was 8 weeks old," Rae said. "They have a really close bond and love each other dearly. My aunt calls Monroe her '4-legged niece.' "Sadly, in May, my aunt moved to Florida. My pup remembers her voice but looks around the house for her. So one day, my aunt came back to MD for a visit and stopped by my place. Once Monroe recognized the voice and saw who it was, she got instantly excited!" This soul-stirring scene was captured on camera on August 22, 2021. Name: Rae Parker Location: Capitol Heights, MD, USA'

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