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'Guy Surprises Girlfriend With A CUTE Terrace Proposal During Trip To Cappadocia '


'Touching footage has surfaced from Cappadocia, Turkey, which shows a cute wedding proposal taking place. The groom-to-be, Diego Acosta can be seen getting down on one knee and popping the question to his significant other, Natalia Huertas on a terrace backdropped by the wonderful view of the area. "We were on the terrace of the hotel taking some photos for our Instagram account," the filmer, Alexander Rey shared. "Natalia had no idea about the surprise and thought that the box was a gift from the hotel to make the photos more eye-catching. "When she saw Diego kneeling down, she was completely surprised as she did not expect it and was in shock for a few seconds, wondering if it was a joke or if she was dreaming." This clip was recorded on May 27, 2021. Name: Natalia Huertas Location: Cappadocia, Turkey '

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