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'Playful Chihuahua Has A Special (& Coded) Message For His Fans! '


'The entertainment level never drops when there is a playful chihuahua in the house. Shared by Volodymyr Hrodzytskiy, this humorous footage shows his pet pup, named Ross, taking a special interest in the filmer's camera. Ross comes near the camera, makes some funny sounds, and hops away, making for a totally random but hilarious scene. "I decided to put this video of me playing with my chihuahua, Ross on TikTok, and in just a week, it gained more than 60 million views," Volodymyr shared. This comical clip was recorded in Kyiv, Ukraine on April 20, 2022. Name: Volodymyr Hrodzytskiy Location: Kyiv, Ukraine'

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