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'Skittish Cat Hides Behind TV To Avoid Getting Seen By Baby Boy'


'Move aside Jeffrey Wayne Gauvin, we have a new hide and seek champion, Merlin the cat. This hilarious video, filmed by Morgan Peterson, shows Merlin hiding behind a TV and peeking out from there as he tries his utmost to avoid the baby boy looking for him. "We adopted Merlin three years ago, and he has always been a shy and skittish cat," Morgan revealed. "Not much has changed since we had our son ten months ago. Our son loves all of our animals but Merlin tends to keep his distance. We were lucky to catch this interaction on camera." This chucklesome scene took place on January 4, 2022, and it instantly became a smash hit on TikTok, amassing around three million views within three days. Name: Morgan Peterson Location: Riverview, MI '

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