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Best Friends Burst Out Laughing Upon Facing Hilarious Fail At Beginning Of Tortilla Challenge

Challenges Fails

This uproarious video shows two friends, Leah and Shannah, standing in a kitchen and performing the trending Tortilla Wrap Challenge. In the first round of the challenge, Leah tosses a scissor, and Shannah comes with a stone. After hitting a scissor with a stone, Shannah slaps her friend with tortilla bread while using her full strength. The voice of the slap was so hilarious for Leah and Shannah that they couldn't stop themselves from drooling the water from their mouths and laughing crazily. This clip gets even more mirthful when Shannah walks across a kitchen counter and breaks Leah's mom's candle; Leah, while laughing wildly, slips on the floor. "My friend Shannah and I had been waiting to do that TikTok challenge for ages," said Leah Semisi Pressman. "Then we ended up doing it, and it was an epic fail. She broke my mum's glass candle, and I slipped on my butt." Name: Leah Semisi Pressman Location: Penrith, Australia

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