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'Love Wins As Woman Records Her Mother-in-law Saying Yes To Her Partner's Proposal'


'Only happiness ensues whenever, wherever love wins. In this gladsome footage, Jasmine Woessner records her mother-in-law moments before her boyfriend gets down on his knee to ask her to marry him. "This video is of my mother-in-law getting proposed to by her boyfriend at Clearwater Beach," Jasmine told us. Even prior to the proposal, the lovebirds can't help but keep giving each other passionate hugs and kisses amid strong winds. However, the whole vibe of the place changes once "THE MOMENT" occurs. The mother-in-law wastes absolutely no time in saying yes to her partner. This lovely clip was filmed on March 12, 2022. Name: Jasmine Woessner Location: Clearwater Beach, Florida, USA '

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