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'Skater Girl Pulls Off CRAZY B.A.S.E Jump Off Bridge In France '


'A blend of courage and insanity was on display on June 30, 2021, when Jumaidy Eliasson attempted a crazy skate BASE jump. "I did my first skate BASE the other day, truly terrifying but it worked!" the daredevil wrote in a statement. "I jumped off Viaduc de Millau, which happens to be a multi-span cable-stayed bridge." The said bridge is situated in Millau, France; it's a popular spot for BASE jumping. However, a skate BASE is definitely not something that's a regular occurrence over there. As for the jaw-dropping stunt shown in the video, Jumaidy's comments make it look like she had a safe and smooth landing. But the same can't be said about her skateboard! This footage was filmed by Theo Schemmel, and it currently boasts more than 80K likes on Instagram alone. Name: Theo Schemmel Location: Millau, France'

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