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'Adventure-craver Goes FULL SEND Into Freezing Cold Water *Sledding Gone Wrong!*'

Fails Funny

'Well, what could go wrong when you are sliding down a snow hill that leads straight to a lake? Everything! This footage shows Govinda Hansen unleashing her crazy side as she hops on an inflatable tube and glides down a hill, hoping for a graceful entry into the water at the end of the hill. However, things don't go quite as planned for her! "I was visiting my family in Cali and we were doing a little snowboarding trip," Govinda said. "I thought I might just sled down and slowly slide into the lake if I make it that far. I got a bit of speed and flew over the first bump, and then got more speed and flew into the lake with my feet right over my head. "My only boots got filled with water and that was the end of that day's adventure." Name: Govinda Hansen Location: South Lake Tahoe, United States '

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