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'Mom Gets Smash Cake Shoved In Her Face At Son's 1st Birthday Party *5 Million+ Views* '

Fails Funny

'This is the hilarious moment Angelica Rivera realized why it would have been a good idea to celebrate her son's 1st birthday without a smash cake. "This was taken at my son's (Castiel) first birthday party," Angelica wrote. "I got his smash cake shoved in my face by his father. This deserves to go viral, haha." While this funny prank almost causes the baby to fall down from his chair, the dad saves him just in time. This funny footage was filmed at Angelica's house in Portage, Indiana on April 25, 2021. Moreover, it took little time to go viral on TikTok, currently boasting more than 5 Million views. Name: Carmen Vazquez Location: Portage, Indiana'

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