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''Can I Eat With You?' Military Dad Returns After 2 Years To Surprise Son On His Birthday'


'It seemed as if time had frozen when a military officer reunited with his son after almost two years. This video, filmed by Mallorie Palanko, shows an adorable young boy named Levi giving his dad a tight, never-ending hug after being away from him for a long time. "Levi’s dad, Joseph Hull (Sergeant 1st Class), went to South Korea in September of 2019," the filmer wrote. "All Levi had been wishing for since then was for his dad to be home for his birthday or Christmas. "He was able to return for his birthday but had to head back to South Korea on August 30th. We aren’t sure of when he will be home at this point." This emotional scene took place on July 19, 2021. Name: Mallorie Palanko Location: Greensburg, PA, USA '

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