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''Is This Soon Enough?' Military Dad Returns After 7-month Deployment & Surprises Daughter'


'Super emotional footage has surfaced from Fort Drum, NY, which features a girl's long-awaited reunion with her military dad. The video starts with the daughter named Heidi saying that she hopes her deployed dad returns home before Thanksgiving, only to find him standing at the front door. Heidi gets taken aback, starts crying, and runs into her dad's arms. "This was my daughter's reaction when dad returned from his 4th deployment, which happened to be 7 months long," the filmer, Seirra Johnson wrote. "This deployment started right before COVID started, so it was really tough dealing with that on top of dad being gone." This heartfelt scene took place on September 29, 2020. Name: Seirra Johnson Location: Fort Drum, NY'

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