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'Excited 6 Y/o Boy Makes Stepdad Emotional On His Birthday By Surprising Him With Adoption Papers '

Cute Emotional

'Touching footage emanating from Midland, TX shows a 6-year-old kid named Paul surprising his stepfather, Justin with adoption papers on the latter's birthday. "My husband’s birthday was on September 12th," the filmer and Paul's mom, Morgan Snow commented. "So, we figured out that the timing was perfect for Paul to ask Justin to legally adopt him and be his dad. This is his reaction. He is a wonderful father!" "Dad I'm making you cry?" the adorable boy asks the teary-eyed Justin as he skims through the papers. This heartwarming clip ends with an excited Paul guiding his dad-to-be on how to complete the paperwork. Name: Morgan Snow Location: Midland, TX, USA'

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