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'Girl Flies To Sydney And Leaves Her Bestie Speechless With A Surprise Visit '

Emotional Travel

'Her "Fear of Missing Out" led Daniela Brkic to subject her bestie to a pleasant surprise. It all started with Daniela dropping her partner at Adelaide airport as he was traveling to Sydney. Realizing that her best pal had also just moved there, the filmer immediately booked herself a flight to Sydney. Daniela goes on to document the best parts of her impromptu journey, including highly-anticipated visits to Bar Totti's and her bestie's house. "The day after I arrived in Sydney, I luckily got my best friend to share her location with me," the filmer wrote. "I bought some beautiful pastries as a housewarming gift for her. I figured out her room number and once I was in the building complex, I knocked at her door and surprised her. The reaction was well worth it." Name: Daniela Brkic Location: Sydney and Adelaide, Australia'

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