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'Guy Surprises Husband With His Best Friend During Trip To Hawaii *WHOLESOME* '

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'This was the gladsome moment Andrew Addison's best friend surprised him when he was least expecting it. The wholesome footage filmed in Hawaii shows Andrew almost falling out of his beach chair on seeing his BFF, Mirv after a really long time. The two then proceed to hug each other tightly. "It was my husband's 30th birthday, so we went on a vacation to Hawaii for the special occasion!" the filmer, Thorel Ely shared. "We linked up with one of our best friends there and he and I surprised Andrew with his best friend! She flew in from Washington, DC, and spent a couple of days with us!" Thorel also revealed that his husband hadn't seen Mirv since his wedding. So, that should explain their excitement. This heartwarming reunion took place on August 6, 2021. Name: Thorel Ely Location: Hawaii, United States'

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