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'Demonstration Of The JAW-DROPPING Taekwondo 540 Degree Kick'


'Jaw-dropping footage has surfaced of a Taekwondo artist swiftly performing an unreal 540 kick to smash not 1 but 2 wooden planks in one go. "The 540 kick is my favorite kick," the artist in the video, Mincheol Shin told us. "I can nail a 540 pro kick in a variety of ways e.g. I can use it to open a bottle or perform it while grabbing a moving object." This remarkable display of Mincheol's talent was filmed by Jang Han Byeol in Seoul, Korea on August 1, 2021. So far, this clip has racked up more than 13K views on Instagram. Name: Jang Han Byeol Location: Seoul, Korea'

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