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''Teach 'Em Young!' Daughter Follows In Dad's Footsteps By Pranking Mom'

Cute Fails Funny Pranks

'William Faulconer from Folsom, CA loves scaring his wife, Jenny and it looks like the couple's kids have also started getting in on the fun. In this hilarious clip, Jenny's daughter Charlotte hides behind a pillar so she could scare her mom on her way back home and that is exactly what she does. The son, Thatcher, also attempts to chime in by trying to scare her mom... by standing in front of her. William said: "My wife and I are constantly trying to scare each other around the house, and have begun recording them (mainly based on my wife's hilarious reactions). Apparently, we've been doing it so much that the kiddos are now trying to get in on the action!" Name: William Faulconer Location: Folsom, CA, USA'

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