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The PURRfect Escape Plan: German Shepherd And Cat Team Up To Open Bathroom Door


Well, it looks like nothing is unachievable when a cat and a dog decide to work together. This amusing video shows a cat and a German Shepherd teaming up to open the bathroom door without any help from their owner. The kitty initiates the process by pulling off an impressive jump and pulling down the door handle, and the doggo then helps with the rest. "Cat mom Jessy was in the bathroom with her babies and German Shepherd friend, Arya," the filmer, Nadine Rasztoczky said. "Jessy wanted to get out, so she opened the door with a skillful jump on the doorknob. The door was then open, but only a crack. "Luckily, Arya was with her, who helped her open the door for good. Teamwork! Everyone escaped." Name: Nadine Rasztoczky Location: Schönwölkau, Germany

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