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'Overexcited Dog Running Away From His Owner Is The Cutest Thing You'll See Today! '

Funny Pets are Awesome

'There's nothing more adorable in this world than watching an overexcited dog acting all goofy. And guess what? This clip shows just the same. Shared by Eleni Chamberlain, this endearing video features her partner, Andy playing with their pet pup, Teddy. The sweet doggo remains adamant about not getting caught by Andy and storms out of the frame every time he makes a move toward him, resulting in some humorous instances. "Teddy gets over-excited when playing," Eleni said. "He can’t contain himself and often doesn’t know where to run or what to do next. He lets out these little baby yelps when he gets too excited." Name: Eleni Chamberlain Location: United Kingdom'

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