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'Talented Duo Of Flutist & Violinist Plays The Classic 'Tetris' Theme '


'Melodious footage surfacing from Marseille, France shows a talented duo playing the "Tetris" Theme on their instruments. The video features Arsène Manoian (a flutist) and Jonas Garrigou (a violinist) performing the evergreen theme as a game demo plays on the screen. The filmer, Tatyana Garrigou said: "Arsène and Jonas have been friends since they were kids. They are very passionate about music and have recreated several iconic themes since they started playing the flute and violin." This amusing clip was filmed on September 26, 2021, and racked up over 2 Million views on TikTok within a week. Name: Tatyana Garrigou Location: Marseille, France'

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