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'Swiss Pencil Artist Paints STUNNING Half-man, Half-lion Portrait'


'Make way for the new superhero in town... The Lion Man! This video, filmed in Evilard, Switzerland, shows Raphael Hofmann utilizing his flawless pencil art skills to paint a one-of-a-kind portrait. "A lady from Chicago asked me to paint her a half-man (her son), half-lion portrait, so here it is!" the artist stated. From the lion's mane to the man's beard and everything in between and beyond, the details in this artwork are just mesmerizing. One can say that Raphael did full justice to this project. This captivating footage was caught on camera on March 19, 2021. Name: Raphael Hofmann Location: Evilard, Switzerland Aufwind by Sascha Ende® Link: License:'

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