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Emotional Dad Lets His Hug Do The Talking While Reuniting With Daughter After 3 Years


There was no holding back emotions when Natalia Velasquez reunited with her parents after her studies, work, and COVID kept them away from each other for around three years. The video captures the moment Natalia caught her parents off-guard with her surprise return. "I am a Colombian who moved to the UK to study and ended up staying here for work," Natalia said. "I had not seen my parents for three years because the pandemic hit right before I was able to visit them for my mom's 50th birthday. "I decided to surprise them by showing up at their friend's house while they were visiting them. My cousin and my brother both helped me set up the surprise." While the mom was very happy to see her princess, the dad's reaction was 10x more emotional. He hugged the filmer and straight-up refused to let go. "He had lost his best friend a few weeks ago and he was going through a very difficult time," the filmer said about her dad. Name: Natalia Velasquez Location: United Kingdom

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