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Tornado Caught On Camera In New Zealand

Natural Disasters

"This was filmed at Skydiving Kiwis in Canterbury, New Zealand. I’m a skydive instructor and we were racing to get the jumps done before this storm hit. Little did we know it was going to be more than a storm. It happened 30 mins after landing from our last skydive. I didn’t see it start though my work mates screamed out for me to look. As soon as I turned around and saw it, I sprinted outside the hangar and out to the landing area to film!! I filmed as long as I could, it was hailing and the hail was the size of grapes by the end of the recording. I stoped and ran back to shelter before the hail got bigger and harder!! It lasted for about 2 to 4 mins then went and blue skies were back after 20 mins, crazy weather and very uncommon to happen in NZ"

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