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'Talented Acrobatic Group Performs INSANE Act With Eiffel Tower In The Background '


'When a highly-acclaimed acrobatic group meets an equally skilled athlete, only magic could be created. And this video is proof of the same. Filmed in Paris, France, this clip shows athlete Dris Harche collaborating with popular movement acrobatic performers, Travis, James, Nathan, and Andreas (collectively known as the Positive Impact Movement). The guys show off their unrivaled strength, flexibility, and balancing chops through a stellar act. What makes this fascinating video even more enticing is the visual of the Eiffel Tower in the background. The filmer told us: "Linked up with my buddies from LA. You better believe we didn't leave the place without making sure that everyone was awe-struck by our craziness." This footage was shot on September 3, 2021. Name: Dris Harche Location: Paris, France'

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