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'US Soldier Returns After 7 Months & Surprises Mom During Her Class'


'The magical moment a mother reunited with her army son was caught on camera in Port Arthur, Texas. Footage filmed by Sgt Randall shows Benjamin Thomas surprising his mom, a teacher, during a class. The two end up sharing a warm, tight hug as the atmosphere fills up with a wholesome blend of happy tears and giggles. "I am a US soldier!" Benjamin stated. "All my life, I have been traveling but I have always stayed in touch with my mom. I joined the military to carry on the legacy of my grandfather, Curtis Thomas, who was a Platoon Leader in World War 2. "This is me coming home for the first time in 7 months to surprise my mom, who is a teacher at Wheatley Elementary School." This video was recorded on November 17, 2021. Name: Benjamin Thomas Location: Port Arthur, Texas'

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