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'Stronger Together!' 10 Calisthenics Athletes Go For An Insane Group Front Lever Hold

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If you needed any further proof to believe that teamwork makes the dream work, let this impressive footage be it. Surfacing from Foxwoods, Connecticut, this video shows 10 calisthenics athletes attempting an insane move, hoping to secure a world record. The group goes for a multitiered front lever, where the first four guys are holding on to a pull-up bar, the next three guys holding on to them and supporting the weights of the two below them, and the last one grabbing the shoulders of the two on the third level. "10 people doing a front lever hold for three seconds and matching the world record," the filmer, Isael Martinez Gonzalez said. This amazing display of strength, teamwork, and balance was recorded on June 25, 2022. Name: Isael Martinez Gonzalez Location: Foxwoods, Connecticut

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